All this came about when I was practicing on our new Chipping Green at Heritage Palms back in Nov. 2006. The Maintenance people put together the usual PVC Ball Pushers that had a fixed 45 degree handle and was very cumbersome to use, and for some reason always breaking or falling apart.

I decided to try and devise a tool that would do a better job. I came up with an idea for a handle that would rotate up and down and have arms that would stay level to the turf so I could push at an angle that was comfortable. Also, I wanted Rollers that would roll smoothly.

After many hours of experimenting with different PVC fittings, I found a combination of fittings (18 parts) that made a unique roller assembly.

The Scorpion is designed to maneuver easily with two fingers not two hands The same action as a home carpet sweeper, up down and around with very little effort. It is very light and sweeps balls off the green with ease.